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CAF Media was born out of the desire to bring high quality, honest information to Southeast Colorado in a convenient way. They have designed this free media source to be used on a computer, cell phone, or Alexa device.

Cory Alan Forgue, graduated from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL in 1990. Cory earned a bachelor’s degree in TV and Radio broadcasting with an emphasis in Public Relations. He has worked at numerous radio stations around Southeast Colorado, including the front range and Reno, NV. He has enjoyed broadcasting news but is most known for his enthusiasm and knowledge of sports in his live play-by-play.

April Forgue, spouse of Cory Alan Forgue, is a Southeastern Colorado native. She is currently a music educator in Southeastern Colorado. She has successfully run a coffee shop in downtown Lamar, CO, for over 5 years.

Together they are building CAF Media to bring high quality media and integrity that you can count on. They are honored to be representing Southeastern Colorado as your media source. 

I like Cory Alan Forgue because he has a nice play-by-play voice, knows sports inside and out, is always well prepared providing both team and individual statistics and I feel like he thoroughly enjoys what he is doing! Glad we have him in southeast Colorado.

Randy Holman

Retired Educator


Cory knows the game, knows the kids, and is a true professional with his action call of the games. Southeastern Colorado is blessed to have a media expert to service this area.

Dayne Eaton

Cory has been a high school sports announcer for what it seems like decades. He has tried his hand in other careers, but that voice, energy and excitement behind a microphone. EVERY TIME I have worked with Cory, he is prepared, well researched and always professional. Southeast Colorado sports is lucky to have him bring our youth sports to life through his voice.

Jason Tice

Cory has been covering sporting events for years in our area and if he isn’t on the radio doing a live play by play narrative, he is behind the plate calling the game. Cory is a staple in our area for all things sports and our sports fans are better for his honest, play by play calls of the games. The Prowers County Commissioners have also been meeting with Cory for years, once a month for updates on what is happening in our county and giving an update on the decisions we make during the board’s meetings. We can count on Cory to give an accuate overview. We depend on him to keep people informed and up to date on the many decisions that are made. The Board of Prowers County Commissioners would like to endorse Cory Alan Forgue on his media presence in Southern Colorado and his exceptional efforts of honest news broadcasting and sports reporting in our area. Thank you, Cory, for all you do to make sure Southern Colorado is covered and informed.

Tom Grasmick, Commissioner District 1

Ron Cook, Commissioner District 2

Wendy Buxton-Andrade, Commissioner District 3

Quite simply, Cory Alan Forgue is the best radio broadcaster Lamar has ever had. He is informative, entertaining, well-versed, and always has total control of his sports broadcast. Because I know him, I know how hard he works to be prepared for each and every broadcast, no matter whether it’s a 1A baseball game or a state championship game. You love listening to Cory because it’s just like being there. Cory is better than small town Lamar; we are just very fortunate to have him there.

Dick Peecher

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